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General Ship Supplier


Camar Co. Ltd. has the capability to supply every vessel arriving in all Romanian ports, from the smallest cargo ship to the largest cruise vessel.

Camar’s Co. Ltd. assets, including facilities and human resources, list among others, around 2000 sq.m. total storage space, including warehouses, located in Constanta Free Zone and specially designed and outfitted for storage (special pallets, forklifts, security and firefighting systems, etc.)

We can provide following services:
  • Refills of Unitor bottles;
  • Life raft inspection;
  • Refills and inspection of fire extinguishers;
  • Rewind motors;
  • General repairs;
  • Delivery of spare parts.


BA Charts and nautical publications
Deck, Engine, Cabin Stores and stationary
Synthetic and steel wire ropes
Marine lubricants
Marine chemicals
Tape sealings (RAMNEK)
Spare parts

Provisions & Bonded Stores

Fresh and chilled
  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables;
  • Fresh local meat, poultry, seafood and fishes;
  • Dairy products, cheese and eggs;
  • Pastries, sweets.
  • beef, pork, mutton, fish;
  • fruits and vegetables;
  • ice creams, pastries.
  • rice, flours;
  • condiments, sauces;
  • milk, oils, fats;
  • canned meat, fruits and vegetables.


Shipping Companies
  • Deiulemar
  • Zodiac
  • V Ships
  • Thenamaris
  • Dynacom
  • Columbia
  • Acomarit
  • Histria Shipmanagement
  • PPG Coatings
  • Nalfleet chemicals
  • Exxon Mobil Marine Lubricants
  • Vecom Trading
  • Henry Diplomar
  • Kelvin Hughes UK
  • Molyslip