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About Camar Co. Ltd.

Established in 1990, Camar Co. Ltd. has eversince continuously diversified its activities, acquiring along the years the position of Romania’s largest leader in shipsupply industry and exclusive agent and stockist for PPG Marine and Protective Coatings – worldwide leader in coatings industry marine.

In over 25 years of existence, Camar Co. Ltd. has built up a fine reputation for excellence, innovation and reliability. Camar Co. Ltd. has not only grown in terms of size, but the nature of work has also changed and expanded.

Another tangible evidence of Camar’s success over the years is the list of partners/suppliers which includes companies of highest reputation in the shipping world such as Sigma Coatings marine paints, Exxon Mobil Marine Lubricants, Nalfleet Chemicals, Vecom Trading, Henry Diplomar, Kelvin Hughes UK, Molyslip, Zodiac, Thenamaris, Deiulemar, V Ships, Dynacom, Columbia, Acomarit, etc .

Camar’s Co. Ltd. assets, including facilities and human resources, list among others:

  • around 2000 sq.m. total storage space, including warehouses, located in Constanta Free Zone and specially designed and outfitted for storage (special pallets, forklifts, security and firefighting systems, etc.)
  • a considerable fleet of many customized trucks from 2 to 16 tons, with hydraulic platforms, securing prompt delivery in peak condition to all Romanian ports / cities.
  • Enthusiastic and highly committed members of staff , with intensive training and inside knowledge/expertise in all issues related to local regulations, customs formalities , promotion and marketing.